Our business model

The Keegan Adams business model is not based around numbers but by high quality genuine relationships within our niche markets. Many of our relationships date back to the early 1990’s. We will always tailor our recruitment process to the individual client whilst taking into account what is happening in the wider marketplace.

When initiating an assignment the most important part of the process is always the initial client briefing. It is of paramount importance that we get to thoroughly understand your business, your market, your difference and your people. Spending quality time, ideally at your place of business, at the outset will lead to successful recruitment results and a positive long term relationship.

Keegan Adams has an extensive proprietary data base of candidates and this in tandem with targeted advertising both online and in print gives us extensive candidate reach within our areas of specialisation. Additionally around 40% of our ‘placed’ candidates are actually referred to us either by fellow candidates or by clients. Our highly experienced consultants do have exceptional local candidate networks and referrals within these networks certainly give Keegan Adams a major point of difference within our marketplace.

Keegan Adams offers the following range of recruitment services

  • Contingency/retained permanent recruitment and temporary/contract recruitment
  • Training of recruitment and retention methodologies / processes for hiring Managers
  • Pay rolling of directly introduced staff for clients. Please ask us about this service that has a number of benefits to you
  • Behavioural interviewing of candidates
  • Up to date salary survey results across our specialised areas of competence
  • Interviewing facilities at the Keegan Adams offices for our clients
  • Independent exit interviews
  • Bulk assessment centre recruitment
  • Interview Coaching for Line Managers
  • Attrition analysis and staff retention guidance