Business & Office Support

With these roles often acting as the backbone of your business, Business Support can range from the person being the face of your entire organisation to the one organising the day to day business life of your CEO. At Keegan Adams, we understand the importance of the skill, personality and culture fit that makes these roles fundamental to your daily business life. We ensure through our wealth of knowledge and unique understanding of each individual clients culture that we get it right for both candidate and client first time. We know what our candidates want, and we know our clients’ needs – bringing the two together is a skill that is second nature to our consultants.

The roles we cover in this division include Mailroom, Reception, Administration, Digital Support, Office Managers/Coordinators, Team Assistants, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and all levels of Print Operators (including Digital). We cover a wide range of industries in these Disciplines including, FMCG, Property, Media, TV, Retail, Business Solutions and Construction among many others which provides us with a wider range of opportunities for our candidates and a wider selection of skill set for clients.