This is one of the oldest of the financial services that provides a commercial arrangement whereby a loss or an eventuality is offset by a guaranteed compensation. This market is broadly defined by life or non-life (general) insurance. The industry continues to evolve, despite its maturity, to provide more innovative and even more customer-centric products as direct access to insurers has been facilitated by technology. Specialty insurance however continues to be best facilitated by intermediary brokers.

This sector includes the insurance company itself that provides insurance direct to market or via an insurance broker and can range from large global providers to smaller, more specialised, companies. Insurance brokers act as intermediaries to secure the best product for private and commercial clients and re-insurance companies serve to share and redistribute risk from insurance companies. We recruit positions across the spectrum in this sector from underwriter, relationship manager, sales and business development, broker, operational support, through to claims assessment, claims management and customer service positions. In addition we cover the range of office support roles from EA/PA’s, reception, data entry and administration.