Wealth & Financial Planning

‘Wealth and Financial Planning’ is the professional service combining financial and investment advice as well as accounting, tax, legal or estate planning. This is a rapidly growing industry that is coming under increased regulation and scrutiny. Recent FOFA reforms are generating, thought, process, remuneration and structural change in the industry.

At Keegan Adams we recruit across back, middle and front office positions within the wealth and financial planning space. This sector covers a wide variety of different size and styles of companies and can sometimes be bank or internationally aligned firms, publically listed companies, dealer-group centric or private/independent companies. Our clients’ clientele could be from mainstream retail through to ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNW) or family offices. We recruit positions from financial planners, paraplanners, relationship managers, practice development and other management positions, as well as a range of client and administration focused positions. As the industry evolves and attracts people from other industries, we have also assisted a number of people make a career move into financial planning as a second career.