COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Image

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Published 05 May 2020
  • By Claire

During this interesting time, we are receiving lots of questions from our clients and candidates, who are curious about how these changes have affected their industry. We've compiled the Top 10 Frequently asked questions and shared them here!

1. Are any businesses still hiring?

Whilst we have seen a dramatic decrease in employment opportunities in the recent weeks, many companies are still hiring.

2. When do you predict recruitment will pick up again?

It’s difficult to tell. Most companies have gone into a temporary state of having everything on hold. However, in the last week we have noticed some companies lifting this. We predict that roles will begin to lift in numbers by the end of April, with more significant growth in May and June assuming we are able to transition back to school/work in some capacity.

3. Is now a good time to make a career move?

This is totally dependent on your individual circumstances. Certain industries have and will continue to grow off the back of this situation which will create new opportunities. However, other companies will hold off recruitment of permanent growth roles for some time – our advice is talk to your recruitment consultant and really get a solid understanding of the company, its performance and stability before making a move.

4. What will happen when my temporary contract comes to an end?

Temporary opportunities will increase during this period therefore, if you are temping and coming to the end of your contract, be proactive in talking to your recruitment consultant about other opportunities. This may provide an opportunity to train in other areas.

5. How are similar businesses' onboarding their new starters?

In this day and age, technology is on our side! Getting new starters onboarded virtually has become more and more common. Thanks to programs such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, communicating with new starters, and performing any necessary training is simple and effective. Whilst this may not be ideal from a culture and engagement perspective, it provides a solution until restrictions are eased.

6. Which industries are currently booming, despite the current climate?

Even in these crazy times some industries are booming! Obvious industries are medical, technology, supply chain, insurance and retail - not forgetting toilet paper manufacturers! However, superannuation, banking and accounting have seen increasing demand based on the stimulus and other company incentives to support people during this time.

7. What changes will occur as a result of this situation?

We know that it will take some time for everything to go back to “normal”, but the hope is there will be many positive results of this situation. With the majority of businesses having to adapt to working from home, we predict that some companies may see the long-term efficiencies and flexibility will increase across the board.

Pre COVID19 we received a lot of feedback from businesses regarding staff retention and engagement, particularly in millennials. The stigma around millennials being more eager to progress quickly, and not being as committed was very real, and sometimes affected hiring decisions. This experience, and that of any crisis (GFC etc) will change mentalities, and increase the value of being in a stable role, in a positive environment.

8. Which roles are in demand right now?

The most in demand role in this market would be client service – COVID19 has created a wave of fear and uncertainty meaning all companies are experiencing a heightened demand in customer queries.

9. I was recently made redundant, will this make me less employable when this situation passes over?

Absolutely not. This situation is worldwide and everyone has been affected one way or another, and redundancies during this time have become inevitable. Get yourself ready for your next role but upskilling and keeping close contact with your recruitment consultant, you never know when the right role will come knocking.

10. I am no longer working. How can I effectively use all of this free time I suddenly have?

Free time might sound like a distant memory to anyone trying to work and home school children at the moment! However, if you do have some extra time, this is a great opportunity to take a break and get organised! You can get fit, Marie Kondo your home, get onto some DIY projects or use your time to brush up on your PC skills – many organisations such as TAFE are offering courses for free so maybe this is the time to brush up on those Excel skills?