Will the Workplace ever be the same again post COVID-19?  Image

Will the Workplace ever be the same again post COVID-19?

  • Published 27 May 2020
  • By Claire

This pandemic will never be forgotten. As we live through it, we experience the many changes to everyday life and to work, some of which will continue to be a part of the new norm. This blog outlines the changes occurring now, which will shape a new way of working, and have you questioning, will the workplace ever be the same again….

Are Offices a thing of the Past?

More than half of corporate businesses in the CBD moved out of the office and into working from home arrangements in the last 3 months. For some businesses, being forced into a change like this was a great opportunity to see how their teams perform in an unsupervised environment, and allowed leaders to identify the team members who might not be working to the standard which they should.

So if teams are working well, productivity levels have not dropped, communication has increased, why not making this a more permanent arrangement?

Businesses spend hundreds of thousands each year on commercial real estate. We know that many business owners are now questioning whether this is essential, and if the business has the ability to work from home, at a much lower cost to companies? Could this lead to a whole new norm for some organisations, and what would this mean for each member of a business?

Increased Flexibility

Positive results of working from home will allow businesses to adapt to this new way of working on a more regular basis. This experience of working from home also shows businesses who may not have offered this before, that certain jobs can be performed from home, and may decide to offer a working from home option to employees in the future.

Virtual Recruitment

Organisations and recruitment companies have now learnt how to source, interview, represent and hire new starters purely relying on the virtual world. Applications such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams will remain very popular once the disruption comes to an end. Whilst we wouldn’t want to lose the personable approach which comes with meeting a potential candidate face to face, online applications may still be used as these platforms allow for a less time and cost consuming recruitment process. The hope is that this will enable companies to really expand their geographical footprint and overall employee diversity.

Virtual Management

Each manager has their own style of managing their team, and for some, virtual management is not their strong suit. For some people, verbal and face to face communication is strongly relied on as a way to ensure the right message is shared with team members. For some, relying on CAPS LOCK when angry, or emojis when pleased is not a comfortable option for them to express emotions. So what does this mean? Are managers replaced as they can not adapt to this new ‘norm’, or will they be trained and supported in order to continue managing their team in this virtual environment? Watch this space…..

‘Ideal Candidate’

We’ve all seen roles advertised with some areas of experience marked as ‘desirable’ or ‘ideal’. Some skills or knowledge are nice to have when moving into a certain role. Given the current situation, training and onboarding is being rolled out in a completely different way. In the past, certain skills can be learnt ‘on the job’. Will this be the case when training is conducted virtually or online? We have recently seen a shift in the experience which is required from a candidate, to a more specific background, which will allow new starters to transition with ease into a new role.

We will continue to keep you updated and informed as these topics develop.